We at Adjustable Productions are delighted that 'The Angel and Daniel Johnston - Live at the Union Chapel' will be shown as part of DocLisboa 2019 in a specially prepared 2k presentation as part of a tribute to the late Daniel Johnston. The film is a record of Daniel's legendary appearance at Islington's Union Chapel on July 12th 2007.

This showing comes at a time when Adjustable is committing to supporting the work of great fringe and outsider artists that might otherwise fall through the cracks of the music industry. In September production work began on recording with an exceptional singer-songwriter named Vivian, the first of several projects we are organising over the coming months. Those who attended the showing at DocLisboa will have heard an early snippet of that work. Please make sure that you are following our social media channels to keep abreast of the latest announcements on that exciting work.

Ultimately in an industry that is geared towards securing a return on sure fire winners, to bring through those who operate from the heart, those who are more than 'product', we need to give the audience the opportunity to show confidence in them through crowdfunding options. We will be announcing plans for this in the near future.