For two decades the music industry has gone through a staggering contraction in creativity. In an era when technology has advanced to a stage where studio grade recordings can be made in your home and media has been relieved of the physical restrictions of stock and distribution, labels across the board have stopped taking risks. The tradition five album development deal no longer exists. Revenues from sales of music once were sufficient to support the livelihood of even niche acts. Now major acts struggle to support themselves on their music royalties, and recordings serve as little more as the calling card for extensive touring where there is more hope of a profit. The art of music recording is on a slow fade out. 

Outsider artists were once those who were hard to comprehend, defying conventional categorisation or aesthetics. Now we are starting to see Outsiders as those who can not conform to the very restricted modern commercial standards of sterility. Those who can not tour due to their commitments in life and work stand little chance of ever breaking through, and those who do break through are unlikely to be afforded the time for the level of studio artistry that graced the music industry in the golden era.

Adjustable is developing approaches to funding and production that aims to give opportunities to carefully curated talents that now fall on the outside. It will be the audience that authenticates our selections. Follow us on Twitter on @Adjustable to keep in touch with our latest projects and funding drives.