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Jamie LambertJamie Lambert: Director - FH Lambert Ltd

"In our area of expertise, it is hard to show customers the services we provide without inviting them to our facility to witness them first hand. As our prospective clients are based all around the world, this is not always convient for them. The video assists us by giving them a chance to see our skilled craftsman working in our factory from the comfort of their own office."

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FH Lambert

The Requirement
Company Director Jamie Lambert had been charged with relaunching the company website following expansion into musical instrument repair. They took an in-house approach to their marketing and web-design, but wanted a showpiece video at its centre. In particular they wanted to show the new machinery and techniques they had acquired which were unique to their business.

The Adjustable Solution
Adjustable sent a production team to visit FH Lambert's factory to discuss with Jamie his company's needs and the video's possibilities. The team suggested that a video with a voice-over of 5 minutes in length would be ideal for his web and DVD based promotion.

The Adjustable team also took the opportunity to perform a risk assessment and investigated the practicalities of what could be captured in a high risk, fast moving industrial environment. Test footage was gathered to assess the technical implications of shooting the specialist processes used by FH Lambert.

In order to capture the full range of services FH Lambert provided, Adjustable shot on four separate days spread over a period of a few weeks. Most of the complicated shots were done on the first two days, and the

Adjustable wrote a script for the video that complimented FH Lambert's other marketing materials. Close contact was maintained throughout the post-production stage, providing opportunities for the client to review progress and to give us feedback that ensured the final video was tailored exactly to their requirement.

Towards the end of post-production, FH Lambert signed a major deal with Buffet Crampon to perform all their warranty instrument repairs. As a result, Adjustable was required to make changes to the video, in order to accommodate this new facet of their business. The team was able to incorporate new video and voice-over material into the work seamlessly, shortly before completion.

Adjustable delivered the final production in three formats - DVD-R, Windows Media Video (WMV) and Apple QuickTime. We encoded the WMV files at three bit rates allowing users of low bandwidth Internet connections to enjoy the video. We also assisted the client in incorporating the video into their website, providing HTML code that launched the videos on all of the popular browsers. Adjustable also provided a variant of the DVD-R that played on a loop for use at exhibitions.

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