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Eternity Wedding Fayres Case Study

The Client:
Eternity Wedding Fayres

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Eternity Wedding Fayres

The Requirement
Eternity Events had recently launched a series of new events – Eternity Wedding Fayres. As part of wider promotional campaign, the company wanted to produce a video to further enhance its marketing collateral for potential exhibitors to each of its events. Eternity was keen for a video production company to create a video that would to develop a more rounded perception of exhibiting at this type of event and demonstrate their overall popularity. Eternity had the additional requirements of being able to attract visitors to their events and to develop awareness of the new brand name.

As David Robson, Marketing Manager of Eternity Events, comments, “Both myself and the event team were very excited at the prospect of adding a unique element to our promotional material that set us apart from our competitors. Certainly all of our other local competitors had not considered using video media as a promotional tool in this way.”

However, Robson was also concerned that they did not want there to be any unnecessary inconvenience on the event day itself, due to the camera crew’s presence in the event venue. There was also a requirement for the finished production to be delivered in good time after the shooting date, in order to be used in exhibitor follow-up direct marketing activity.

The Adjustable Solution
After an initial consultation with Robson, Adjustable Productions advised that it would be best to edit two versions of the video. The first would be a short edit for use on the event website. This version would be used to target both potential visitors and potential exhibitors. The second would be a longer edit for a DVD that Eternity planned to utilise in a mail shot campaign designed to attract new exhibitors.

Adjustable understood that Eternity wanted filming to be as unobtrusive as possible. Adjustable visited the site of the event prior to shooting and decided that it could deliver a high quality production without the use of lighting rigs or a microphone boom that may have caused an undesirable distraction to visitors and exhibitors alike. A minimal crew of two people was used and the footage was shot on a smaller, less prominent professional camera. Adjustable also conducted an initial health and safety assessment of the venue, in order to anticipate and mitigate any potential hazard or risk to the public.

On the day of the shoot, Adjustable arrived several hours before the commencement of the event in order to set up and check equipment. Key parts in the proceedings were captured discretely and the shoot was completed in the appropriate time. The camera crew had been carefully briefed about keeping out of sight during periods when filming was not being shot. When shooting did take place, Adjustable took a discrete approach, allowing crew to gather footage disturbing the visitors or exhibitors. This was in keeping with the director's vision for the production.

Editing took place during the following week and both the web and DVD edits of the video were delivered within a week of the shoot. The event organisers provided relevant artwork that was incorporated into the DVD surface design by Adjustable’s design team. Three days later, Adjustable had delivered a short run of colour-surface printed DVDs in clamshell cases for promotional use.

David RobsonDavid Robson : Marketing Manager - Eternity Wedding Fayres.

“Adjustable provided Eternity Wedding Fayres with more than just an event video – I now have an invaluable sales and marketing tool with which my sales managers can now use to present our company as a premier events exhibition organiser.

“The production team were extremely organised, and were able to consult and define all the key requirements of the shoot. They were also aware of the very tight deadlines for delivery so that we could integrate this into our ongoing marketing activities for forthcoming events.

“Adjustable’s flexible approach to working provided me with a great reassurance – they were always available on the end of the phone to discuss new concepts and ideas, and provided regular progress updates to ensure that the finished media was exactly what I required.



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