Adjustable Productions aims to work with talent on the fringes of the industry. We have a set of core principles:

The people that we work with must be good (very good)

We do not work with people just because they are fashionable or have a buzz around them. Our primary interest is whether they are producing good material of merit. Our artists generally have exceptional talent and ability at their craft. What they do comes from the heart. 

We support those overcoming unique challenges

Very often those who are most gifted have come through difficult and a sometimes harrowing experiences that shape them and contribute to making them the artists they are. We think that there should be artistic outlets for those who have come through experiences. Music should not be a preened experience.

We are not confined to working in music or video

We are are happy to talk to people looking to produce books or even physical products and services. We are not even confined to supporting those in the arts. There are several social projects we take an interest in, particularly those providing services to vulnerable or abused people such as Telford's excellent Holly Project.

The Artists need to walk away with something in their pocket

If we take on a project we need to make sure that the Artists can expect some form of financial reward. In the modern industry that might mean using crowdfunding to ensure a return, and that is where the audience can ensure our success.